Photo Gallery

Silver Lake Apartments is the apartment complex building that you can call home. Our luxurious units are built for maximum comfort and leisure. If your kitchen is important to you, then rest easy, because all of our kitchens are professionally built with carefully hung tile and smooth floors for your comfort. The second most important room in any home, the bathroom, is treated just as importantly here. All of the bathrooms in every unit come with both designer fixtures, and beautiful tile work. We guarantee that you’ll feel right at home as soon as you step foot inside, especially after you decorate and make it your own.

Every single apartment in our building, regardless of the size and overall square footage, has tall eight-foot ceilings. You’re free to buy yourself those tall bookcases because they’re going to fit! Along with the high ceilings, our floors are laid with beautiful smooth hardwood that ensures comfort.

Every single one of our apartments comes with an in-wall A/C unit that can be used to adjust the temperature to something you’re most comfortable with. If having a terrace is important to you, our 2 and 3 bedrooms come equipped with one.

Closet space is important to you, and it’s important to us too. All of our apartments come with over-sized closet spaces that can be used to store whatever you want to tuck away. Whether it’s clothing, books, or even toiletries, whatever it is, you’ll have closet space for it.

The photo gallery below showcases just how gorgeous our units and our overall buildings really are. If you’re interested in renting with us, we recommend you take a quick glance through our gallery. It is guaranteed to sway you in the right direction!

Please call our management office directly to schedule an appointment to see one of our units. The phone number is (718) 727 1661